Kick off a themed day, concert, or special event with a presentation about the history of the music!
Our interactive presentations are delivered by charismatic guest speakers and feature musical listening examples, trivia, and group discussions.

Pick a topic from the list of themes below or make a request.

“Shannon’s presentation on Country music was stellar. Her knowledge base was immense, her presentation style mesmerizing and her delightful personality captivating.”

Resident via Nicole Lock Recreation Manager, Village of Taunton Mills
  • All About Elvis
  • Mozart the Great
  • The Contributions of Black Musicians in American Music (Great for Black History Month)
  • A History of Witchcraft in Music
  • Canadian Music (Great for July)
  • Rock n’ Roll Will Never Die (History of Rock)
  • The History of Mardi Gras
  • The Best Movie Songs of All Time
  • Music Around the World (Great for International World Music Day)
  • Leading Ladies of Music (Great for International Women’s Day)
  • Motown & The Birth of Soul Music
  • The Saxophone & It’s Curious History
  • Cheatin’, Lyin’, Drinkin’, Cryin’: The Birth of Country Music
  • All That Jazz: A Jazz Appreciation Workshop
  • Armchair Music Cruise: The Music of Latin America
  • Leaders of the Pack: A History of Girl Groups
  • A Candle in the Darkness: Musicians of the War Era
  • It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing: History of The Rat Pack
  • The Christmas Songs: The Story behind our beloved Christmas Classics