Ballroom Fitness

This dance class teaches fitness the old fashioned way – through traditional styles of ballroom dance! Participants will learn traditional steps like the Jitterbug, Cha Cha, Turkey Trot, Paso Doble, and Waltz. The steps will then be made into simple, enjoyable choreography to their favorite hits from back in the day (like Glen Miller, Dean Martin, and Elvis). This is primarily a standing dance class for participants with good mobility and balance.

Move & Groove

In this fun and active class, residents learn simple dance moves to the songs they love, getting a great workout while learning something new! Latin, swing, line dancing, and rock and roll are on the menu! This program guarantees laughs, smiles, socialization, and physical activity. This dance class can be enjoyed standing up or sitting down and includes a full-body workout, with a safe warm-up and cool-down.

Chair Dancing

This fully seated dance class is perfect for assisted living or long-term care. Participants get to move to the classic music they love, and get a good workout while doing it. Fun is the number one rule, and their are no mistakes to worry about in this class. Props like ribbon wands and percussive instruments can be added to increase the sensory experience. The dances are made to include a full body workout (including cardio, mobility, and strength-training) and have a gentle warm-up and cool-down.

About the instructor

Instructor Shannon Graham is a professional entertainer, Recreation Therapist, and certified fitness instructor with Sam Steps.